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The reports and materials attached are solely for reference and information only. They should not be construed as an offer, solicitation or recommendation for the subscription, purchase or sale of any securities or debentures in the Company or to participate in any particular trading or investment strategy.

Shareholders and potential investors should exercise caution when trading in the shares of the Company, and where in doubt as to the action they should take, they should consult their financial, tax and other advisers.

Date Title Source Download
19 Nov 2018 KSH Holdings: Order book remains strong OCBC Investment Research PDF version457 KB
15 Nov 2018 CapitaLand Limited: Expect Christmas presents from China in 4Q18 OCBC Investment Research PDF version470 KB
13 Aug 2018 Regional Morning Notes - 1QFY19: Mixed Results UOB Kay Hian PDF version204 KB
16 Jul 2018 Market Pulse - KSH Holdings: Don't worry, be happy. OCBC Investment Research PDF version454 KB
07 Jun 2018 KSH Holdings Ltd - Performance At Upcoming Sales Launches Is Key UOB Kay Hian Regional Morning Note PDF version203 KB
07 Jun 2018 KSH Holdings Ltd - Ready To Ride The Residential Rebound OCBC Investment Research PDF version565 KB
22 Feb 2018 KSH Holdings Ltd - Banking on a solid landbank; upgrade to Buy UOB Kay Hian Regional Morning Note PDF version205 KB
15 Nov 2017 KSH Holdings: Market Pulse OCBC Investment Research PDF version404 KB
15 Nov 2017 KSH Holdings LTD OCBC Investment Research PDF version128 KB
06 Nov 2017 KSH Holdings - Target Price Surpassed; Take Profit UOB Kay Hian PDF version202 KB
27 Sep 2017 KSH Holdings: Hosts Rock-climbing Championship at Sino-Singapore Health City OCBC Investment Research PDF version803 KB
24 Jul 2017 KSH Holdings - Building Cities CLSA PDF version6753 KB
01 Jun 2017 Strong orderbook, healthy earnings visibility and future Gaobeidian project bode well for KSH. The Edge PDF version586 KB
31 May 2017 FY17: In Line With Expectations; Healthy Outlook Despite Increased Uncertainty. UOB Kay Hian PDF version197 KB
30 May 2017 KSH Holdings: FY17 results broadly within expectations OCBC Investment Research PDF version254 KB
12 Apr 2017 Lim & Tan Securities - Daily Review Lim & Tan Securities PDF version315 KB
11 Apr 2017 Massive Jackpot; Owning The Next Shenzhen UOBKayHian PDF version252 KB
02 Apr 2017 Minsheng Securities Analysis of Xiongan New Economic Special Zone Property Investment: Recommendation on Bai Gou, Ba Zhou and Gaobeidian Minsheng Securities PDF version3430 KB
11 Aug 2016 Small/Mid Cap Highlights UOBKayHian PDF version264 KB
13 Jun 2016 Special Report Lim & Tan Securities PDF version5675 KB
13 Jun 2016 Get Paid While Waiting UOBKayHian PDF version1365 KB
02 Jun 2016 Significant Profit Boost From China OCBC PDF version214 KB
30 May 2016 Takeaways From Company Visit: Clear Earnings Visibility Ahead UOBKayHian PDF version299 KB
10 Feb 2016 Results Within Expectations OCBC PDF version197 KB
11 Nov 2015 2QFY16 Results Boosted By Beijing Top OCBC Research PDF version216 KB
14 Aug 2015 Daily Review Lim & Tan Securities PDF version290 KB
04 Jun 2015 Daily Review Lim & Tan Securities PDF version290 KB
21 Apr 2015 Daily Review Lim & Tan Securities PDF version304 KB
21 Apr 2015 Singapore Morning Note Philip Capital PDF version512 KB
21 Apr 2015 Market Pulse OCBC PDF version346 KB
21 Apr 2015 Wired Daily DBS PDF version164 KB
21 Apr 2015 Singapore Daybreak CIMB PDF version341 KB
21 Apr 2015 Morning Buzz KGI Fraser PDF version171 KB
12 Feb 2015 Market Pulse OCBC PDF version358 KB
13 Aug 2014 Market Pulse OCBC PDF version349 KB
28 May 2014 Proposes Final Dividend of 1.75 S-Cents OCBC PDF version208 KB
27 May 2014 Market Pulse OCBC PDF version307 KB
27 May 2014 Lim & Tan Daily Review Lim & Tan PDF version202 KB
27 May 2014 Stock in Focus AmFraser PDF version227 KB
13 Feb 2014 Successful Launch at Beijing Condo Project OCBC PDF version211 KB
13 Nov 2013 Good Earnings Growth Momentum OCBC PDF version211 KB
25 Oct 2013 Re-iterate BUY on strong earnings growth and visibility UOBKayHian PDF version172 KB
30 Jul 2013 Good earnings growth and visibility for the next 5 years UOBKayHian PDF version649 KB
11 Apr 2012 JV to redevelop King Albert Park OCBC PDF version112 KB
14 Feb 2012 Outlook Weakened: Downgrade To Hold OCBC PDF version199 KB
14 Feb 2012 Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's PDF version54 KB
14 Feb 2012 Property construction missing the milestones OSK|DMG PDF version87 KB
09 Nov 2011 By Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's PDF version115 KB
09 Nov 2011 Boost from property development segment OCBC PDF version64 KB
08 Nov 2011 2QFY12 Results Review OSK | DMG PDF version87 KB
07 Oct 2011 KSH Holdings (KSHH SP, $0.205, NOT RATED) Kim Eng PDF version271 KB
28 Sep 2011 Wins S$49.9m Mount Alvernia Hospital contract DMG & Partners PDF version81 KB
28 Sep 2011 Secures Mt. Alvernia Hospital Contract - Market Pulse OCBC PDF version203 KB
13 Sep 2011 Upgrade to BUY OCBC PDF version64 KB
08 Aug 2011 Plumper margins despite slower revenue recognition OCBC PDF version65 KB
08 Aug 2011 1QFY12 Results Review: Expect Stronger Performance Sequentially DMG & Partners PDF version87 KB
08 Aug 2011 Market Pulse OCBC PDF version43 KB
08 Aug 2011 KSH Holdings - By Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's PDF version51 KB
28 Jun 2011 A S$138m contract win to build Eight Courtyards OCBC PDF version66 KB
24 Jun 2011 Possible order-book replenishment ahead OCBC PDF version67 KB
13 Jun 2011 Value To Emerge But Short Term Headwinds Prevail OCBC PDF version827 KB
25 May 2011 4QFY11 Results Review: Property contribution to kick in DMG & Partners PDF version89 KB
25 May 2011 KSH Holdings - By Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's PDF version51 KB
15 Apr 2011 KSH Holdings - By Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's PDF version516 KB
17 Feb 2011 3QFY11 Results Review: China township project a re-rating catalyst DMG & Partners PDF version90 KB
10 Jan 2011 KSH Holdings: New S$110m Seastrand Contract OCBC PDF version110 KB
10 Nov 2010 2QFY11 Results Review: Property booster in FY12 DMG & Partners PDF version89 KB
12 Aug 2010 1QFY11 Results Review: Strong order books DMG & Partners PDF version80 KB
04 Jun 2010 Corporate Update: First of the many contract wins to come DMG & Partners PDF version76 KB
04 Jun 2010 4QFY10 Results Review: A record year 25 May 2010 DMG & Partners PDF version75 KB
12 Feb 2010 3QFY10 Results Review: Meaningful contribution from property DMG & Partners PDF version83 KB
06 Nov 2009 2QFY10 Results Review: Results in-line DMG & Partners PDF version81 KB
07 Oct 2009 Results update: Margins game in company's aim SIAS PDF version82 KB
12 Aug 2009 1QFY10 Results Review: Earnings dilution from warrants conversion DMG & Partners PDF version84 KB
01 Jul 2009 DMG Investment Research Morning Insight DMG & Partners PDF version650 KB
01 Jul 2009 Corporate Update:Project win to boost track record DMG & Partners PDF version80 KB
29 Jun 2009 On Solid Round CIMB PDF version364 KB
03 Jun 2009 FY09 Results Review: Living on past order books DMG & Partners PDF version82 KB
30 Mar 2009 Growing order books may be a challenge DMG & Partners PDF version180 KB
30 Dec 2008 KSH Holdings Strong Order Book SIAS PDF version163 KB